Friday, April 10, 2009

Coffee culture

I was always a tea person; coffee was a once-in-a-while shot of caffeine after an all nighter or before an early morning paper-writing session. Well, it turns out that life in Scandinavia has turned me into a coffee person, just as my dad warned me it would. And while museums and churches gave me insight into the cultural and religious histories of the countries we were visiting, the coffee shops that we entered to escape the unceasing rain gave us a different sort of cultural emersion. As it turns out a “large” coffee to those in Europe is anything bigger than a shot of espresso. So, to those of us used to having the option of a venti house drip from starbucks, learning to sip a miniature cappuccino or cafĂ© con leche turned out to be unique cultural exercise. (And the people watching wasn’t bad either.)

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