Monday, September 27, 2010

Pay day

I'm a millionaire!!! Ok, maybe not so exciting to those of you who are used to inflated currencies. But let's keep in mind I'm an American; getting a seven-figure paycheck straight out of college is unheard of. Indeed, it would be much more exciting if there was a dollar sign in front of the net payment numbers, but won or not, it's still money in the bank. At any rate, it's my first non-food service, non-retail, non-work study, real world, salaried paycheck. Exciting stuff.

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gardenwoman said...

Hi Shelby,
It was delightful to hear from you. Sedona looked over my shoulder at you happy picture in red. She said to tell you:
Shelby, I miss you. I hope you're having fun. Love, Sedona
Soon she'll be posting herself, but for now is mostly into kidpick games.
Glad to hear you are on another grand adventure in Korea. Savor exploring, your new identity as a professional and the big bucks (yen? What is Korean tender called?). And enjoy the teaching of kindergartners. It is a magical age (having just gone through it up close and personal).
Love, Aunt Kim