Sunday, January 25, 2009


Again, the internet isn't seeming to be on my side. Even though they say that the networks set up in my building, named after Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, are supposed to be working...they aren't. So, I find myself, yet again, using the DIS computer lab; so this post may have to be short. Therefore, I figured I would put a little bit of my information out there in case anyone wanted to call, Skype, message, or mail me.

So, first things first. If you want to mail letters, send it to this address:
Room 318
Skindergade 40
København K

And for packages:
Shelby Fields
c/o DIS, Denmark's International Study Program
Vestergade 7
DK-1456 København K

My phone number here is +4530973163 and my skype username is shelby.fields . Also, while I'm over here, I will be checking my Macalester email, which is

Also, the time difference would be good to, I am now 8 hours ahead of CO and 7 hours ahead of MN.

Any other information..just ask!

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